2015 Summer Reading Program: Resources

Resources about Just Mercy

Discussion Guide: Official discussion guide for Just Mercy. This website also contains information from the author, Bryan Stevenson.

Center for Faculty Excellence Summer Reading Discussion Handout: General suggestions for leading a Summer Reading Discussion Session from the UNC Center for Faculty Excellence

Sample Outline: UNC Center for Faculty Excellence Summer Reading Program discussion sample outline.

Author Talk: Bryan Stevenson speaks at the Roosevelt House about Just Mercy. (77 minutes)

Book Review: New York Times book review on Just Mercy.

Resources about Bryan Stevenson

Biography of Bryan Stevenson: Brief biography of Bryan Stevenson as written by Serena Williams for Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People of 2015.

Harvard Kennedy School Alumni Story: Alumni article on Bryan Stevenson where he discusses his four elements for creating change.

Guernica Magazine Interview: An interview with Bryan Stevenson in March 2014, titled “Walking With the Wind,” from Guernica Magazine on his projects.

Resources about North Carolina and the Death Penalty

North Carolina’s Death Row and Death Watch: This page describes the living conditions of inmates until their sentence is carried out.

Interactive Report on Capital Prosecutions in NC: Study from the Center for Death Penalty Litigation about the costs of wrongful capital prosecutions in North Carolina.

Hidden Costs of Wrongful Capital Prosecutions in North Carolina: Death Penalty Information Center’s North Carolina profile on the financial and human costs of wrongful prosecutions.

Resources about Judicial Injustice

We Need to Talk about an Injustice: Bryan Stevenson’s TED Talk from March 2012. (24 minutes)

Equal Justice Initiative: This website is that of the private, nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization Equal Justice Initiative, of which Bryan Stevenson is the Executive Director.

Ways for Student to Get Involved

Criminal Justice Awareness and Action (CJAA): Through weekly mentoring at a local juvenile detention center, and activist efforts both on campus and in the international community, Criminal Justice Awareness and Action (CJAA) works to enhance student awareness of the problems plaguing the criminal justice system. Recognizing that criminal justice is not simply limited to the confines of the prison system, CJAA focuses on issues of race, politics and economic status that affect juvenile justice, and the death penalty and sentencing policies.

Building Bonds, Breaking B.A.R.S. (Barriers Against Reaching Success): “Building Bonds, Breaking B.A.R.S.” is an innovative program that gives college-aged, African-American males the opportunity to work with incarcerated youth in our community. We strive to educate and prepare these young men for re-entry into society, the school system, and the work force. Our program uses forums to spread awareness of the problem, volunteering in juvenile correctional facilities as a solution, and fundraising to provide resources to mobilize our ideas.

Carolina Teen Court Assistance Program: The purpose of the Carolina Teen Court Assistance Program is to assist the Orange County Teen Court Coordinator, Kate Giduz, in implementing and carrying out the function of the Orange County Teen Court.

Inside-Out Alliance: Supporting struggles on the inside and participating in struggles on the outside against our system of injustice and the revolving door of incarceration.