Fall 2013 Undergraduate Courses Related to Themes of Home

AAAD 50: Defining Blackness: National and International Approaches to African-American Identity

AAAD 51: Masquerades of Blackness

AAAD 89.001: African American Life Stories

AAAD 130: Introduction to African American and Diaspora Studies

AAAD 237: African American Art Survey

AAAD 258: The Civil Rights Movement

ANTH 64: Public Archaeology in Bronzeville, Chicago’s Black Metropolis

ARTH 161: Introduction to American Art

ARTH 287: African American Art Survey

PLAN 55: Sustainable Cities

CMPL 386: Adolescence in 20th– and 21st-Century Literature

COMM 53: Collective Leadership Models for Community Change

COMM 89: Understanding Place through Rhetoric

COMM 471 Rhetorics of Public Memory

DRAM 81H: Staging America: The American Drama

DRAM 287: African American Theatre

ENGL 53: Slavery and Freedom in African American Literature and Film

ENGL 89H: Reading and Writing Women’s Lives

ENGL 124: Contemporary Literature

ENGL 128: Major American Authors

ENGL 129: Literature and Cultural Diversity

ENGL 271: Mixed-Race America: Race in Contemporary American Literature and Culture

ENGL 369: African American Literature, 1970 to the Present

ENGL/WMST 446: American Women Authors

FOLK 77: The Poetic Roots of Hip-Hop: Hidden Stories of African American Rhyme

HIST 128: American History Since 1865

IDST 89: Magic, Religion, and Science

KOR 150: History, Memory, and Reality in Contemporary Korea

MATH 58: Math, Art, and the Human Experience

PHIL 57: Race and Affirmative Action

PHIL 66: Ethics: Theoretical and Practical

PLCY 101: Making Public Policy

POLI 50: Movies and Politics

POLI 71: Politics of Race, Ethnicity, Language, Religion, and Gender

POLI 220: Race, Ethnicity, and Electoral Representation in the United States

PSYC 55: Children’s Eyewitness Testimony

PSYC 89.002: Psychology of Emotion

PSYC 89.003: Racism, Racial Identity, and African American Mental Health

PSYC 245: Abnormal Psychology

PSYC 250: Child Development

PSYC 471: The Study of Adolescent Issues and Development

RELI 141H: African American Religions

SOCI 64: Equality of Educational Opportunity Then and Now

SOCI 122: Race and Ethnic Relations

SOCI 130: Family and Society

SOCI 273: Social and Economic Justice

SOCI 444: Race, Class, and Gender

WMST 64: Plantation Lullabies: Literature by and about African American Women