Fall 2014 Undergraduate Courses Related to Themes of The Round House

First Year Seminars:

AMST 55H “Birth and Death in the United States”: Timothy Marr

AMST 89 “Native American Artists”: Jenny Tone Pah-Hote

ANTH 62 “Indian Country Today”: Jean Dennison

CLAS 60H “Love, War, Death, and Family Life in Classical Myth”: Sharon James

GEOG 89 “The Politics of Everyday Life”: Sara Smith

MATH 58 “Math, Art, and the Human Experience”: Mark McCombs

PHIL 51 “Who Was Socrates?”: Mariska Leunnisen

PLCY 89 “Justice and Inequality”: Douglas McKay

POLI 71H “Politics of Race, Ethnicity, Language, Religion, and Gender”: Andrea Benjamin

POLI 89 “Thinking about Law”: Charles Szypszak


Undergraduate Courses:

AMST/HIST 110 “Introduction to the Cultures and Histories of Native North America”

AMST 201 “Literary Approaches to American Studies”

AMST/ANTH/HIST 234 “Native American Tribal Studies”

AMST/HIST 235 “Native America in the 20th Century”

AMST 337 “American Indian Activism since 1900”

AMST 482 “Images of the American Landscape”

ANTH 206 “American Indian Societies”

ARTH 161 “Introduction to American Art”

COMM 318 “Cultural Diversity”

ENGL 122 “Introduction to American Literature”

ENGL 271 “Mixed Race America”

GEOG 121 “People and Places”

PHIL 163 “Practical Ethics”

PHIL 170 “Social Ethics and Political Thought”

PHIL 275 “Moral and Philosophical Issues of Gender in Society”

POLI 411 “Civil Liberties under the Constitution”

SOCI 122 “Race and Ethnic Relations”

SOCI 123 “Crime and Delinquency”

SOCI/WMST 124 “Sex and Gender In Society”

SOCI 130 “Family and Society”

WMST 101 “Introduction to Women’s Studies”