How was this book selected?

The Book Selection Committee is formed for the purpose of recommending an appropriate reading for incoming new undergraduate students (first year and transfer students) at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Given the committee’s familiarity with the chosen reading, members are asked to recommend appropriate student discussion questions and supplementary readings and/or resources. These recommendations are provided to the Resource Development Group for consideration. To ensure continuity of purpose for the selected book, at least one member of the Book Selection Committee will be invited to sit on the Resource Development and Discussion Leader Training Groups.

Committee members are collaboratively appointed by the Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and Senior Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education. The committee is comprised of three faculty members, three staff members, and three students. One of the three faculty representatives is appointed to serve as Committee Chair. Faculty/staff appointments shall be for a maximum of two years and will be made on a rotating basis to allow for some continuity; student terms shall be for a maximum of one year; chair term shall be for a maximum of one year.


  • From different disciplines and may have experience teaching a First Year Seminar. Formal Appointments made by Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, although faculty members do not need to come from Arts & Sciences.


  • From different departments across the University. Formal Appointments made by Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, although staff do not need to come from Student Affairs.


    From different areas of campus that are impacted by the program:

  • Student Government, nominated by Student Body President
  • Orientation Student Leader, nominated by Orientation Staff
  • Resident Assistant, nominated by Housing & Residence Life staff, preferably with special interest in working with first year students
  • Formal Appointments made by the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

What are the criteria for book selection?

  • Intellectually stimulating — stretch students’ minds, cause students to think about things they might not have before
  • Enjoyable, engaging, relatively short, easy to read, up-to-date
  • Reading that will provoke interesting discussion
  • Appropriate for developmental level of incoming students
  • Addresses a theme/topic that is applicable to students themselves (i.e., societal issues)


Why should I participate?

New students, both first year and transfer, find the reading and discussion session to be a wonderful introduction to academic life at Carolina. The program prepares you for what is expected in some classes and allows you to learn from a faculty or staff member in a small group setting. As noted by many, it is a time to meet, interact with, and learn from your peers. Here are just a few examples of what students have said:

“Great way to start the year; made me feel like a part of the community.”

“It was a wonderful experience, very informative and insightful.”