Resources at UNC for Students Who Have Experienced Sexual Violence

Student Complaint Coordinator/Deputy Title IX Officer (private but not confidential)

  • Advises those who have experienced harassment, discrimination or forms of sexual violence, of rights and resources
  • Provides voluntary options for adjudication via law enforcement and/or the University’s sexual misconduct policy.
  • Contact: 843-3878;, Ew Quimbaya-Winship, SASB North, Suite 1123.


Office of the Dean of Students (private but not confidential)

  • Advises survivors of options and helps students access a variety of services, including “no contact” orders, safe housing, and the victim’s assistance fund.
  • Assists survivors filing an official complaint with the Student Complaint coordinator.

Phone:     (919) 966-4042



Campus Health Services (confidential)

  • Offers confidential health care for UNC students, including evidence collection, screening and treatment of STIs, and emergency contraception.

Phone:     (919) 966-3650 (business hours)      (919) 966-2281 (after hours)



Carolina Women’s Center  (private but not confidential)

  • Houses a lending library with books about sexual and relationship violence.

Phone:     (919) 962-8305



UNC Counseling and Psychological Services (formerly Counseling & Wellness) (confidential)

  • Offers free individual and group counseling for UNC students.
  • Students can call for appointments or walk-in for immediate assistance.
  • No appointment is necessary. Drop-ins welcome.
  • Monday through Friday, 9 am – 12 pm and 1 pm – 4 pm.

Phone: (919) 966-3658 (business hours)           (919) 966-2281 (crisis line after hours)



Student Wellness (private but not confidential)

  • Offers educational resources about interpersonal violence prevention and response as well as healthy relationships.
  • Coordinates One Act and HAVEN trainings for students, faculty, and staff.
  • Coordinates campus-wide task force on IPV prevention and response.
  • Phone: (919) 843-5826



Department of Public Safety (private, but not confidential)

  • Takes reports of assaults, investigates & participates in appropriate legal or judicial action.
  • Offers self defense classes.

Phone: (919) 962-8100 (non-emergency)      911 (emergency)



LGBTQ Center (private but not confidential)

  • Supports a safe inclusive environment for UNC students of all sexualities, gender identities & gender expressions, with drop-in support hours on Thursdays from 3-5pm.

Phone:     (919) 843-5376



UNC Hospitals Emergency Room (confidential)

  • After hours care. Treatment for sexual assault survivors can be paid for by the Victim’s Assistance Fund.  Coordinated through Carol Kozel in Campus Health Services.

Phone:     (919) 966-4721


UNC Hospitals’ Beacon Child and Family Program (confidential)

  • 24-hour crisis response services, counseling, education, & referrals for patients, families and employees of the UNC Health Care System.  All services are free and confidential.

Pager 1-888-378-0551 or the office at (919) 966-9314



University Ombuds Office

  • Place where all members of the university community can come talk about campus issues or problems.

Phone: (919) 843-8204


Equal Opportunity/ADA Office(private but not confidential)

  • The Equal Opportunity/ADA Office seeks to facilitate a welcoming and inclusive environment which supports the right of every member of the Carolina community to learn and work in an atmosphere that promotes fairness, equity and access to its employment and educational programs
    Phone: (919) 966-3576


Carolina Student Legal Services  (confidential)

  • A student fee sponsored office of three licensed attorneys who provide legal information about stalking and domestic violence on their website, and provide free legal advice and consultation on a variety of topics to eligible students.  Located in the Student Union.

Phone: (919) 962-1303


Office of Student Conduct(not confidential)

  • Any person may report suspected misconduct (includes Student Conduct Adversely Affecting Members of the University Community or the University) by a UNC – Chapel Hill student to the University Honor System.  A report may be filed using the online reporting system.

Phone: (919) 962-0805



Policies to Know:

UNC Policy on Prohibited Harassment, Including Sexual Misconduct, and Discrimination


UNC Honor Code (