UNC CH Courses with Related 2011 Summer Reading Book Themes

Carolina Summer Reading Program 2011

Fall 2011 Undergraduate courses that relate to themes of Eating Animals

Identified courses:

AMST 201: Literary Approaches to American Studies

AMST 375: Food in American Culture

AMST 393.001: Back to the Future: Chicago, 1893

AMST 466: You Are Where You Live: The American House in Critical Perspective

ANTH 101: General Anthropology

ANTH 120: Anthropology Through Expressive Cultures

ANTH 142: Local Cultures, Global Forces

ANTH 146: The Nature of Moral Consciousness: A Course in General Anthropology

ANTH 147: Comparative Healing Systems

ANTH 148: Human Origins

ANTH 248: Anthropology and Public Interest

ANTH 315: Human Genetics and Evolution

BIOL 101: Principles of Biology

BIOL 128: Biology of Human Disease

BIOL 159: Prehistoric Life

BIOL 201: Ecology and Evolution

BIOL 278: Animal Behavior

BIOL 461: Fundamentals of Ecology

BIOL 514: Evolution and Development

CLAS 89: First-Year Seminar: The Ancient Animal

COMM 82: Globalizing Organizations: Food Politics

COMM 100: Communication and Social Process

COMM 170: Rhetoric and Public Issues

COMM 171: Argumentation and Debate

COMM 318: Cultural Diversity

ECOL 461: Fundamentals of Ecology

ECON 101: Introduction to Economics

ECON 325: Introduction to Entrepreneurship

ECON 450: Health Economics: Problems and Policy

ENGL 208: Reading and Writing Creative Nonfiction

ENGL 266: Science and Literature

ENST 108: Our Energy and Climate Crises: Challenges and Opportunities

ENST 201: Introduction to Environment and Society

ENST 202: Introduction to the Environmental Sciences

ENST 460: Historical Ecology

ENST 461: Fundamentals of Ecology

ENST 490.001: Political Economy of Food

EXSS 141: Personal Health

EXSS 360: Sports Nutrition

GEOG 445: Medical Geography

GEOL 76: First-Year Seminar: Energy Resources for a Hungry Planet

GEOL 101: Introductory Geology

GEOL 105: Violent Earth

GEOL 108: Our Energy and Climate Crises: Challenges and Opportunities

GEOL 109: Earth, Climate, and Life through Time

GEOL 110: Earth and Climate for Science Majors

GEOL 159: Prehistoric Life

HNRS 352: EATS 101

LING 101: Introduction to Language

MASC 108: Our Energy and Climate Crises: Challenges and Opportunities

PHIL 101: Introduction to Philosophy: Main Problems

PHIL 112: Making Sense of Ourselves

PHIL 160: Introduction to Ethics

PHIL 165: Bioethics

PHYS 108: Our Energy and Climate Crises: Challenges and Opportunities

PHYS 131: Energy: Physical Principles and the Quest for Alternatives to Dwindling Oil and Gas

POLI 254: International Environmental Politics

PLCY 327: Introduction to Entrepreneurship

PLCY 475: The Political Economy of Food

PWAD 108: Our Energy and Climate Crises: Challenges and Opportunities

RELI 117: Culture of the Ancient Near East

SOCI 111: Human Societies

Courses from the Food Cultures cluster may be offered in the spring, including:

GEOG 232: Agriculture, Food, and Society

ANTH 252: Prehistoric Foodways

CMPL 255: The Feast in Philosophy, Film, and Fiction

ENST 330: Principles of Sustainability

GEOG 434: Cultural Ecology of Agriculture, Urbanization, and Disease